Grassroots sports clubs can often form the backbone of a local community.

After all, they provide opportunities for both kids and adults to socialise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, sadly, thousands of community sports clubs struggle to survive due to a lack of sustainable funding.

That’s where GiveToLocal can help.

With an aim of putting £10m of additional funding into community sport in the UK each year, the team at GiveToLocal lives and breathes the grassroots game.

Backing Sport, Backing Business & Building Networks – How Does GiveToLocal Work?

Launched in December 2019, GiveToLocal’s innovative service has spread to all corners of the country, with the organisation now supporting more than 55,000 teams across 15 different sports.

Through GiveToLocal’s incentivised giving platform, grassroots sports clubs are provided with a means of increasing their funding through a user-friendly application.

Donors and sponsors can support their local clubs through GiveToLocal via monthly micro-donations, allowing local communities to contribute positively towards their future.

The regular micro-donations serve as an additional income for clubs, securing them new sources of revenue.

In order for clubs to access GiveToLocal’s unique system of support, they must go through a thorough registration and verification process, which ensures that any funding generated lands in the right place.


The Link Between Community Sport & Local Business

And it’s not just community sports clubs that GiveToLocal seeks to help either.

GiveToLocal was established to help build up local businesses in an effort to support every aspect of the community.

Through GiveToLocal, donors are able to access offers and discounts from the local businesses who come on board as sponsors in their area. In turn, local businesses are provided with an easy and affordable way to access new customers.

Additionally, on the national stage, GiveToLocal is also adding to its fast-growing roster of corporate partners.

Partners just like Kitlocker – a like-minded organisation that shares the same goal to support community sport and protect the grassroots game.

How Are Kitlocker & GiveToLocal Working Together to Support Grassroots Sport?

Through an exciting national partnership, Kitlocker and GiveToLocal have been working side by side since April to help support community sports clubs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every week, GiveToLocal run multiple giveaways on their social media platforms.

Fronted by Sony Award-winning radio presenter Justin Lockwood, the giveaways provide clubs with the chance to secure a Kitlocker voucher for their team.

And with thousands of clubs across the country having already entered, the giveaways are something clubs continue to embrace.

The Power to Do Good – The Partnership in Action

One of the clubs to have benefitted from the national partnership is Newcastle West End All-Stars, who recently clinched a £500 Kitlocker voucher by entering a GiveToLocal Facebook giveaway.

And while 2020 has been a challenging year across grassroots sport, Head Coach Andrew Heslop could hardly contain his excitement when he found out the club had won.

“I messaged Sam [Morrison, giveaway entry winner] straight away saying ‘we’ve won you know!’,” said Andrew.

“It was a huge shock to be honest – a happy shock!

“The £500 voucher will be a great boost for us. We’ll be spending it on things like training equipment and winter wear as the training sessions start to get colder.”

And with grassroots sport tentatively returning to action, Andrew believes that GiveToLocal and Kitlocker’s partnership is something that can help build-up teams like his.

Why GiveToLocal is Making a Difference

“GiveToLocal is doing a great job,” said Andrew.

“We’re already signed up to the service and have lots of ideas lined up to get our fundraising going.

“We’re excited to put things in motion and to have that £500 Kitlocker voucher to kick things off is amazing.”

And after seeing all of the feedback from the Kitlocker winners, GiveToLocal Co-Founder and CEO Neil Gardiner admits that giveaways have filled him and the rest of the team with an immense source of pride.

“Every partnership we enter into has to be able to demonstrate tangible benefits for our clubs through a positive alignment,” explained Neil.

“Teaming up with Kitlocker is one of the best decisions we’ve made as an organisation.

“One of the things I love most about GiveToLocal is being able to see the positive impact that we can have upon thousands of clubs across the UK.

“To see how our Kitlocker giveaways have been received by our grassroots sports community – and to hear the feedback from the winners – fills me and the rest of our team with pride. Long may it continue!”

Get Involved!

GiveToLocal run weekly Kitlocker voucher giveaways on their social media platforms. For more information visit their Facebook, Twitter or website.

To register your club’s interest in GiveToLocal, click here.

To register your business interest in GiveToLocal, click here.


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