Football is slowly returning to our television screens and most of us are very thankful for that. However, it is still absent from our parks, sunday league pitches and five-a-side centres.

There’s nothing quite like the real thing but with limitations on outdoor exercise slowly being lifted and the sun coming out, many people are thinking about what they can do to get a head start for when grassroots football does come back.

If you’re concerned that your recent couch potato lifestyle is going to have a negative effect on your game when normal life resumes, then you’re probably right to think that.

We reckon it’s time to get back into action and there’s no reason that you can’t do that from your garden or local park! Remember, you are now also able to meet someone from outside your household at a safe distance outdoors, so you might want to think about finding a training partner to help with motivation.

We’ve got a big range of football training products available that will make sure you’re game ready, giving you the edge over your opponents when that first match day finally comes back around.

There’s no better way to get back to full sharpness physically than with speed and agility equipment, particularly agility ladders. This simple yet effective piece of equipment offers a quick and easy way to set up a mini fitness course from the comfort of your back garden.

Want some ideas on what to do with your agility ladders? This very enthusiastic American Football coach is here to help 👇


How about a bit of finishing training then? These folding mini goals are ideal for the garden. Quick and easy to get out and put away. They come as a pair, so all you need is a ball to set up your own miniature Wembley Stadium. Except Wembley cost £800m, these goals are less than 40 quid. No brainer.

Can also be used for longer range passing accuracy training or challenges if you’re working with a partner in a large open space.

What is there to say about cones? They’re simple, effective and great value. Ideal for setting up drills, dribbling courses or even a back garden mini-pitch for the kids. Pick up 50 for just £10, an absolute bargain.

There are literally millions of ways to use cones to create your own drills for dribbling, fitness, shooting and beyond. But if you’re not feeling that creative then here is yet another enthusiastic American demonstrating a very effective drill. It only requires 4 cones, a football and a helper to throw it to you (preferably from your own houselhold!) 👇


Another one where you’ll need a pal to help, preferably a strong one as the harness uses partner controlled resistance. Ideal for working on your trademark explosive forward movements that’ve made you a Sunday League goal machine. Or not.

The perfect way to add a little bounce to your back-yard fitness routine. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be Colin Jackson to get over them, they are only 15 inches. So perfect for the kids too!

Not sure how to make the most out of hurdles? Our friends from across the pond have that covered yet again. They’re pretty good at this stuff . . .


You’ll need a pal to help you with this one, but again, only someone from your own household or at a distance of 2 metres! Great for finishing drills, as well as improving your touch and technique.

Team this up with the pop-up goal above or just make a goal out of good old fashioned cones or jumpers and you’ll be like a Sunday League Harry Kane in no time.

When you feel like your fitness is back up to scratch, time to treat yourself to a bit of ball work. If you don’t fancy the mini skills ball, this is probably the best value training football on the market. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

We’re not going to dig out a video from the internet to show you how to use this bit of equipment…


Ready? 💪

Well there you go. A short list of gear that’ll have you back in the groove and ready to impress your gaffer when footy finally kicks off again. It’s all up to you now, the sun is out and there’s no excuse! Turn off Netflix, get off the sofa and get in the garden or down to the park.

It goes without saying – PLEASE ONLY TRAIN SAFELY. Always ensure that you stay within the public health guidelines if you are training in public or with someone from outside your household. If you need to double check the latest guidance, click here.

Running is another great way to get back to full fitness ahead of the big kickoff. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, click here to read our tips on getting into running 🏃‍♂️💨

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